A sunny, little respite in Boca Grande, Florida | U.S. Travel and Lifestyle Photographer

The sunshine felt so good on my skin, I hardly noticed the beautiful white sand and turquoise water at first. Boca Grande, a sweet seaside town on the Gulf Coast of Florida is already winding down for the season; winter snow birds and vacationers are headed back to not-yet-so-Spring-like temps of the North. 

We had record amounts of snow this year in Portland, Maine. At first the snow is comforting and we look forward to hot chocolate and snowed-in movies binges in pijamas. Then the shoveling starts to grow old and the cold gets to your bones. We needed to thaw out for a bit-- to rejuvenate our Vitamin D stores and pale complexions. We headed South!

I took my film camera with me, practicing patience and purposefulness. Not only do I love the colors and the texture of the mixed film, I saved hours of immediate editing, was able to unplug and savored special, little moments with my grandparents and Michael. It is the purpose of image making, to trigger memories and the moments you have already lived, not always to manipulate minutes you could be living. 

I fully intend to take these feelings with me into my digital work, daring to be present, trust my instincts and love my art.