a merry little holiday

My heart broke in two, when Mimi & Papa announced to my family that Christmas Holiday would be a bit different this year. While I knew traditions would change eventually, I never really thought they would. It turns out change can be defined as either the end or the beginning of something new (and potentially wonderful).

We decided to celebrate Christmas early this year, and in lieu of hauling all of the presents and bags and sheets and towels and food and people and, and, and.. up to our little cabin at Sugarloaf, we spent a wonderful Saturday evening at my grandparent's house in Harpswell, Maine.

In the silence of the woods and the freshness of the salty sea air flowing off of the bay, we enjoyed many hours of eating, drinking wine, and sharing thoughtful gifts and conversation.

The merriness that traditionally filled the small A-frame at the mountain, stayed with us for a wonderful new Christmas by the sea. 

Sugarloaf Mountain Photographer | A Weekend in the Mountains

Natural light and mountain air will cure the modern blues of anxiety on most days, especially on the weekend. My brother Zee and his girlfriend Kath joined Michael and I for an adventure to our little cabin in Carrabassett Valley, Maine. Usually serving as a warm and cozy ski chalet during the winter, our little family A-frame also serves as a summer adventure hut and camp site for play!

There is no cell service at our cabin, minus a tiny square-foot block wedged in the furthest corner of the sunroom; a square foot of the cabin less visited. I've always thought that unplugging for a short period of time is necessary for sanity, but also for centering and getting back in touch with the pieces and people of life that are real, or tangible. 

Our adventures this weekend started with the not-so-crowded drive up Rte-27, winding it's way through Belgrade Lakes, Farmington and eventually Kingfield. We mountain biked around the trails of the long-past Narrow Gauge, snorkled and cliff jumped in the Carrabassett River, slacklined, practiced handstands and played soccer in the fields, and enjoyed telling stories and hanging out by the campfire.

These moments of freedom are an integral part of my life. In love and natural light.