lululemon athletica Portland | Lifestyle Product Photography

Over the last few months, I've been blessed to work with some of the most inspiring women in Portland, Maine. It's not because they are rich, famous, intimidating or any combination of the above... It's because they are real, beautiful, strong, motivated, compassionate and hard working individuals and teammates. These women, these girls.. they are committed to a lifestyle that elevates the community around them and create possibilities for those nearby. 

They set goals, crush them, then begin again. They celebrate areas of opportunity for growth and keep moving on. They love, laugh and sometimes sing to strangers... a quality no often found in traditional work environments. They sweat, stretch and wear stilettos with luon. They are honest... and hilarious. These are my girls, and they are fabulous.

To Ashlea, Kait and Julie -- I am grateful for every little opportunity you ladies and lululemon athletica as a company have granted me. Keep being the kick-butt, inspiring and powerful beings that you are.

Below are my most recent images of the latest and greatest product in the lululemon athletica Portland Showroom now! Kait is bombin' in the Both Ways Bomber Jacket! 

A peak at some of the my other work with lululemon athletica Portland...