Caswell Farm Wedding Photographer | Skye & Matt

I can't even begin to tell you the joy Matt and Skye's wedding celebration brought me last Saturday, September 27, 2014. In addition to the perfect Fall weather, gorgeous Caswell Farm venue, killer performance by local musicians Tumbling Bones, colorful flowers by Fiddleheads Flowers and Vintage Chic Gifts and delicious local eats by Harvest Moon Pizza, this caring couple took time to play, laugh, eat, dance and sing with ALL of their family and friends.

From yard games and mustache mason jar glasses, to sweet wood-fired hand pies and bluegrass boot-stomping, participation levels and laughter filled the gaps between Caswell Farm's trees and fields. With the help of family and friends, the couple planned the celebration between rotations working in the Gulf of Mexico. 

My favorite fact about Matt and Skye, and I think that this is important, is that the wedding was exactly what they wanted. While tradition certainly provided the bare bones of structure, the couple never feared to go beyond the traditional timeline and create space for family, love and a few moments alone here and there. 

Skye even wore her glasses for Matt. He said he thought she was always stunningly beautiful how he saw her everyday, why change that for an event?? 

I could certainly go on and on about the impressive support system Matt and Skye have built just by being themselves, or the incredible collaboration of family, or the awesomeness that is the bond between all of the siblings involved, but I hope the photos can tell that best of all.

To Skye and Matt -- may your love be as solid and enduring as I witnessed last week. Thank you for for being you (and so much fun!!)!

Mr. & Mrs. Matt Garand & Skye Waterson

Venue: Caswell Farm, Gray, Maine

Dress: Lea-Ann Belter

Bride's Shoes: Frye Boots, Original Vintage

Skye's Rings: Kristin Coffin Jewelry (Etsy)

Matt's Wedding Band: JC Metalsmith Jewelry

Groom's Tie: DH Friend Neckwear

Groom's Vest: David Wood - Custom Order

Flowers: Fiddleheads Flowers & Vintage Chic Gifts

Catering: Harvest Moon Wood-fired Pizza

Dessert: Harvest Moon Wood-fired Hand Pies

Photography: Courtney Elizabeth

Great Diamond Island Wedding Photographer | Lisbeth & Aubrey

Admittedly, I had already shared these few images of Lisbeth and Aubrey's August 23rd, 2014 Great Diamond Island Wedding with them before posting them to my blog. I spent almost four days with this power couple and their family and felt that I could not help but cherish their sweet and optimistic moments as if they were my own!

A unique, hand-made and authentic affair, Lisbeth and Aubrey's wedding was elegant and felt like home. I have never witnessed another couple put so much love and energy into creating a space so welcoming for their visitors, from the hospitality and true island living to hand-written... everything!

Truly, one of the most fun, engaging weddings thus far... Lisbeth has a passion for supporting small businesses and was sure to hire friends and family, such as myself for photography and Bryan Leary and his awesome crew for the feast!

As I spent time and shared conversation with Lisbeth and Aubrey's family, I was enamored with the stories of their upbringings, friends and families. I am not kidding when I say the entire happy gaggle of friends and family shared responsibilities and tasks.

The willing nature and force of crew confirmed every speculation about the couple's commitment to being the best friends and relatives anyone could wish for! I strongly believe that you reap what you sow, and these two were receiving so much of the love and support they had previously given.

Congratulations, Lisbeth and Aubrey! I'm so grateful to have been able to bear witness to your love and celebration! Woohoo!

Mr. & Mrs. Wierda

Coastal Maine Wedding Photographer | Larry & Katelyn

Larry and Katelyn Lawson are of the loveliest types of people. They were married on June 27th, 2014, in Katelyn's grandmother's backyard in Brunswick, Maine. Their long-time family friend and neighbor, the reverend, officiated the ceremony. The rest of the special day was put on by family members and friends, from the decorations, to the flowers gathered from their own gardens, to the the feast on the grill and in steamers.

I have known Katelyn since we were at least 6 years old and I have to say, she is still one of the loveliest people I have ever met. She is consistently sweet, caring, giving and has a shy smile that will melt anyone's heart. Congratulations, Larry, she is incredible. I have no doubt that you two will make a very happy family. The teary and beaming look on your face when she walked down the aisle assured me that your love goes both ways. 

I could  not be happier for the both of you!

To many years of smiling and reminiscing on this beautiful, sunny day in June of 2014. My blessings to you both... and the little one on the way! :)