Portland Editorial Photographer | Omi's Coffee Shop

Have you tried the steamer?!... *swoon*
— @betsybeans on Instagram

Omi's Coffee Shop is nestled in Portland, Maine's West End on Brackett Street right next to Harbor View Memorial Park. How I hadn't been to or heard of this well of coffee and creativity is beyond me. All I know is I am grateful for that mid-morning coffee date with a favorite friend that brought me to this local gem.

Feeling like I have uncovered one of Portland's best kept secrets, I start raving to friends and family about this new find, only to receive smiles or a dramatic rolling of the eyes. Obviously, my fellow locavores have been there and shared my enthusiastic sentiments. 

Naomi and Katie, two of the three co-owners, make it easy to feel welcome. Even upon my first visit, I noticed various conversations with regulars about relevant personal topics and news. Locals love them for their authenticity and respect of inside voices in pre-caffeine moments of the day. The space is eclectic and beautifully unique...

It's abundance of bright, uplifting colors and DIY details are fun and welcoming, a place for all types and ages to catch up, discuss, create or indulge.

Pour over coffee, house mixed steamers, Homegrown Herb & Teas over ice or hot, local baked goods and warm breakfast sandwiches are on the menu... and then, of course, there is the No Bake Bar, my personal favorite.

I suppose what I am trying to say, is that you cannot go wrong with any order or time spent within these inspired walls. The chalkboard paint, vibrant doodles and polka dot pillows are all a part of their own creative expression.