Maine Editorial Photographer | Bloomers Floral Boutique

Life is too short to be neutral
— Shelley Stevens

I was thrilled to spend a rainy May morning on Bolton Street with creative sister Shelley Stevens, sole owner of Bloomers, a unique and colorful small floral business. Although the rain makes me want to stay in bed, I was so grateful to have packed my camera the night before. Off into to rain showers I went. Honestly, knowing that I would spend the morning in the office of a florist made it much easier to pull back the covers.

When I arrived at Bloomers, I was already seduced by the authenticity of the little garage-turned-floristry. Soft green moss covers the rooftop and the multi-toned wooden doors feel likely to conceal a secret of sorts. I opened the doors to the up-cycled shed, only to reveal buckets, upon buckets, filled to the brim with a potpourri of pink peonies, orange and yellow tulips, bright red poppies and other radiant springtime colors.

Shelley's careful selection of the most vibrant and beautiful colors was a reflection of her positive attitude and outlook on life. It was a true joy to observe her delighting in her work.

Working carefully amidst the bride-to-be's loose color and floral requests, she said she had been able to have fun and indulge in her own creative mindset, while picturing her work on the tables and scattered throughout the Merrill Farmhouse at Pineland Farm rustic venue. 

I am in love with the Shelley's passion for color and life... and the simple combination of both!